Where the Hart is: a creative’s thoughts on living in big cities vs small towns

CREATIVITY 1 min read

I started watching Season 3 of Hart of Dixie where Zoe Hart returns to the small town of Bluebell to sort things out before she settles in New York for good.

Bluebell was always meant to be a rest stop for her before she moved on to “real life”. (Yet she ended up staying longer than she anticipated.)

In the episode, her best friend Lavon asks her: what if she had it backwards? What if New York was her rest stop and Bluebell is where she really belongs?

I started relating to this in my life. When I’m asked how I’m coping in Tokyo, I feel hints of concern for me, as an introvert living in one of the world’s largest cities.

While I’m grateful for the concern, I’ve never felt more comfortable. In big cities, you can be anonymous. (Obviously, if you’re a celebrity, or you look different from everyone else, this might not be the case.)

Where I felt really uncomfortable? The small town I grew up in where people could recognise me while I’m getting a coffee.

This makes me wonder whether small towns are for extroverts. Those who crave everyday connection. And for introverts who love spending time alone, focusing on their craft — the big cities are home.