How To Brand Your Flodesk Sign-up Form The Simple Way


Flodesk is my favourite email marketing platform because the email builder is so simple to use. I like that I can design beautiful emails without much effort.

That said, it's relatively young and not as full-featured compared to Convertkit, so there are some functions that are missing like updating the link preview on their opt-in forms. This has been one of the top requests to date. It wasn't a big deal for me because I already implemented a workaround ages ago.

It has the basics I need: email automations. The rest are distractions especially since I don't have a massive email list just yet, and also my publishing schedule has been as unpredictable as sakura season. Honouring the fact that hustle culture is not for me, and the fact that I’m drawn to simplicity and beautiful aesthetics, I’m sticking with Flodesk.

Flodesk Landing Page Preview

Flodesk Sign-up Form Metapreview Update

Flodesk recently released an update that allows you to set up the custom preview image and text that people see when you share the link to your full-page opt-in form on social media.

It's a huge improvement, and something that so many have been waiting for. This update doesn't affect me much because Also, there is one caveat: the share link shows the Flodesk domain Which isn't much of an issue as it's cool to spread the word about them as well.

That said, there are times when you would want more control over brand or visual identity with the following:

share the link as yourdomain dot com

update the URL to something that's easier to remember

be able to easily redirect the link should you delete/change your opt-in form in the future

There's also other benefits like adding embed codes for analytics, pixels, tracking, cookie banners, promo banners, etc.

So how do you do this exactly? There's so many options — you could use Zapier to hook up your opt-in forms and set up integrations to pass email addresses from a custom opt-in form but these usually add a layer of complexity and failure point.

Ugh, integrations! I hear ya. Thankfully, there’s a simpler way.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about going back to snail junk mail.

The Simplest Way To Brand Your Flodesk Form Links

So, I thought I'd write this post detailing my two go-to workarounds and why I prefer these over the more complicated integrations.

Click to view a quick Figma Jam diagram showing you the two ways I like to brand the links to my signup forms.

Recommended: Create a dedicated opt-in page on your website builder.

Whether you use Squarespace, Shopify, Kajabi, Teachery, or Brizy, simply create a dedicated opt-in page and add the link to a button.

The beauty of this is that you can change your opt-in form or email provider without worrying about updating the links across all other places you've shared it.

You can also design your Terms and Privacy links on there.

This is also a two-step opt-in with a micro-commitment when they click the button. For some, this might be an unnecessary extra step but I prefer it over direct-to-form. I think the design is more elegant with a button rather than the inline form fields for email address, names, etc.

Alternative: Use a link shortener that redirects to your opt-in page.

This is one of the quickest ways to customize your link with your own domain/brand. While most link shorteners have free plans (like the most popular one you’ve probably seen around: Bitly with the domain), setting up a custom domain usually requires a fee. I picked up a few link shorteners via Appsumo, so I recommend keeping an eye out for lifetime deals if you don’t want to pay

My go-to link shortener these days is because of the UTM templates (my fave feature), link cloaking, and Rotator A/B split-testing. I don’t use them all but it’s good to have the options. The user interface (UI) is amazing and the team behind it are lovely bonuses.

They have the new SmartPages feature as well, so you can create mobile-optimized pages for social, similar to Link Tree.

This concludes this super-short chronicle on how I like to brand my share links for email opt-in forms.

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