Are you using the right colours for your brand?


I spent most of the weekend just taking in lots of inspiration (I find that headspace and lots of eye candy helps the creative mind, and no it's not just caffeine ) and I can't wait to share them with you!

From the wonderful Lunar New Year celebrations here in Melbourne to the unreal yet uber-inspiring Australian Open tennis final with Federer and Nadal. (Two of the top tennis champs in our lifetime!)

I just loved how generous, gracious, and tenacious both legends are.

Most of all, how Federer and Nadal leveraged their own strengths, which they used to conquer the other’s weaknesses.

Nadal used power and spin on his shots, targeting Federer’s weak backhand, and how Federer used wit and persistence to target Nadal’s backhand issues as well.
Which made me think a lot about branding and visual identity.

We all have something in us and in our businesses that separate us from others.
Nadal had power, Federer had tactics. What's yours?

Can't think of any? No worries!

3 quick questions to help you refine your branding

1. What makes you angry and annoyed in your industry? What is it about your industry you’d like to change? (Source: Seth Godin)
2. What are your weaknesses? Can you somehow turn them into strengths? (Source: Daymond John)
3. How can you tie both in to your brand’s visual identity?
As for me, I don’t like how design and creativity is perceived by many as a talent or gift for the select few.

How it sometimes can feel elitist, unattainable, impossible.

My weaknesses? I’m an unknown, self-taught designer with no prestigious awards or degrees from a leading university. I’m not even a veteran yet in any sense of the word.
I’m also an introvert so thinking about PR and video gives me the hives.

But I’ve found ways to get around this by keeping things simple, to get creative every day, and to continually strive for excellence.

Simplicity, creativity and excellence.

That’s why my brand just consists of black (sometimes near-black navy) and white for simplicity, pale gold and silver for excellence, and bright purple to add a hint of creativity and playfulness.

Also, there’s a bit of rebellion against design being commoditised so I added the premium touches. Can’t mistake me from Fiverr now! ;)
Your turn! Let me know what yours are, I'd love to know.

Still stuck picking colours? Got great news for you!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing colours to you in a bit of an unconventional way.

Sure, there’s colour psychology charts out there (just check out Pinterest) that kinda give you an idea, but my problem with them is that they are too general.

For instance, they say blue is for trust, efficiency, intelligence. But there’s so many shades of blue — did you pick the right shade?

What about the right combo?

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my favourite reference for stunning colour combinations? Check it out: The Real Hue: What You Didn’t Know About Colour.)
Excited? I know I am. ;)

Is there a specific colour you want to get to know first?

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