How to Hide the Coupon Panel in Kajabi

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Photographer: Leone Venter | Source: Unsplash

I wanted to hide the coupon panel in the checkout page in Kajabi.

Why? Because it makes one hesitate and search the web for a discount code, because why wouldn’t you? I’ve done this a lot myself. That little coupon code box creates friction during the checkout process, and could result in the customer getting distracted by something else on the interwebs, or put it off and wait for one.

The problem is that it’s not easy to do hide the coupon panel in Kajabi unless:

The good news is that there’s a workaround to hiding the coupon panel, thanks to Kajabi’s support of Cloudflare’s powerful features in that orange cloud.

Part I: Set up your Kajabi custom domain in Cloudflare

First, you want to set up the custom domain in Cloudflare.

Check out Kajabi’s excellent guide on how to do this.

Part II: Add your Custom CSS in Google Tag Manager

Second: In Google Tag Manager, create a Custom HTML tag then copy and paste the following code:

#coupon-panel {

Firing Trigger:

Page Views > Some Page Views

Page URL contains members.<yourdomain>.com

Even better? The direct link with the coupon code will still work! #stealthmode

It’s not perfect as it still shows for a brief second, but it’s better than the alternative. We can also hope that nobody notices as they’re excited and busy taking out their credit card. :)

Or search

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